About Us

From the ancient epoch Georgia is considered as “cradle of wine”. In result of archeological excavations were founded grape seeds, counted nearly 8 000 years. Viticulture – is an integral part of history of Georgia. It is marvelous that in XI century in Academy of Ikalto (East Georgia, Kakheti) where studied the author of famous poem “The knight in the panther’s skin” poet Shota Rustaveli, wine making was taught together with the other subjects.

Georgian wine – it is not just beverage. It is real art, transferred from generation to generation from father to son.

Founded in 2018. Georgian Wine Exporters based in Tbilisi.

Georgian Wine Exporters works with a network of distributors to connect wine lovers with great winemakers and delicious wines.

Our Philosophy

Our wines come from Georgia that embrace traditional wine making methods, who are working with a deep respect for terroir. These producers tend to work organically in the vineyard and with minimal intervention in the cellar.

We’re looking for wines with personality and a distinctive sense of place, wines that will mark the moment, from a weeknight dinner to a special occasion. We’re looking for wines that go well with food, wines that are easy to drink, and where the first empty bottle leads easily to the second.