Georgia increases wine export by 59%

Georgia increases wine export by 59%

Georgia has exported about 61 million bottles of wine between January-October 2017, which is 59 percent more in comparison with the same period last year, official figures read.Income from wine export equaled $134,6 million that is 52 percent more than the same period last year,” the Georgian National Wine Agency reported .

Wine exports have been increased to:

  • China by 41 percent- 6,086,733 bottles
  • Russia by 87 percent-38,355,125 bottles
  • Ukraine by 48 percent-6,237,652 bottles
  • Poland by 18 percent-2,151,342 bottles
  • Latvia-31 percent-1,279,718 bottles
  • Belarus-by 42 percent-1,318,852 bottles
  • USA-by 68 percent-394,464 bottles
  • Germany by 57 percent-367,342 bottles
  • Israel by 149 percent-180,824 bottles
  • France by 187 percent-98,194 bottles
  • Azerbaijan by 76 percent-102,342 bottles

Georgia has generated $29,6 million from the sale of brandy abroad which equals an increase of 83 percent compared to the previous data.Georgia also exported 219,183 bottles of chacha – 198 percent more compared to the same period last year. By selling chacha abroad Georgia generated $664,600, which was a 154 percent increase.In total, Georgia received $222,4 million from the export of wine, brandy and chacha, which is a 50 percent increase compared to the same period of the previous year.